Publish KPIs to employees' iPhones quickly and cost effectively
using your existing systems and developers.

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DCS CoPilot

The only companion product
to DCS World you'll ever need.

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Experience the difference.

We also work with clients to realise their ideas.
From concept to app, we can help.

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About Dead Frog Studios.

Dead Frog Studios is a small graphic design firm and iOS application developer in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are always looking for opportunities to work with new ideas and discerning clients. We can help with:

  • iOS Development
  • Graphic Design for print/web
  • Video Compositing
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This is a great little dashboard app. It's well designed and easy to use. I can see so many application for this simple app, plus the developer is open to making enhancements.

Ozboynyc (iTunes Review)

Be a company hero…implement this today. I purchased it Friday and this evening (Sunday), I've a working web service interface that displays our key revenue goals and individual sales people's quarterly performance. Get it today and improve your life and your team…and your company.

weekendHacker (iTunes Review)

If you are involved in monitoring key performance indicators for your company, pocketKPI is definitely worth a look.

Kelly Hodgkins (TUAW)

This app is starting out simple and layering on functionality with each release. Good strategy. This could be done so badly, but it isn't. I am now looking at live data from my critical cloud app, with no fuss at all, and I'm not even a developer. Keep developing!

ridoba (iTunes Review)

Thank you so much for helping us deploy your fantastic app. I am certainly a fan of you and your company now. Keep an eye out for sales of your app as we launch into our business.

Andrew MacAskill (Major Construction Company UK)